Disciples Escoffier

in Asia Pacific

11 delegations in Asia Pacific. Each in charge of the gastronomic actions led in its country in the respect for the Memory of Auguste Escoffier. Shanghai stayed until 2012, the center of the Disciples Escoffier International Asia Pacific to coordinate Delegations, communications and to manage at least two hundred Members as well as all the events led in all the territory of APAC in the name of Disciples Escoffier International …and 2013 have seen the APAC Headquarter transferred in Hong Kong…


To Honor the Memory of Auguste Escoffier

Both in France and abroad, since half a century, the Association of Disciples Escoffier International has for target to honor the memory of Auguste Escoffier, Master of the French and International Cuisines. The purpose is to promote the big traditions of Cooking and the techniques created by Auguste Escoffier, in particular in schools, secondary, superior or Chef professional trainings, as well as in apprenticeship, who is the traditional way, as for 80 % of our Star Chefs.

To organize gastronomic demonstrations

One of the main activities of the Association is to organize gastronomic demonstrations deserving of these traditions, to distinguish, and to advance all the persons and all the personalities who represent the French Cuisine.

To motivate the young people

The Association tries hard to transmit its Passion, so that the Young people find the Envy and the Motivation to become future Chefs. To do so, the International Association of Disciples Auguste Escoffier, gets closer more and more schools, by establishing contacts between the Professionals and the pupils. Its presence is also important with the parents at the time of the educational and professional guidances, to explain the nobility of the job of Chef and by its opportunities. It is a


Message from Robert Fontana, President of Disciples Escoffier International Asia Pacific
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