A culinary adventure in Yangzhou with the Disciples Escoffier China delegation

Chef David Jean Marteau and Chef Ling Mon Cai went on a culinary trip to Yangzhou (Jiangsu province) to participate as Disciples Escoffier members in the 2500th anniversary of the city. During that event the
chefs did some presentations and food tastings for the general public with dishes including assorted mini desserts and fresh salmon Bruschetta. The event was simple but charming and everyone loved the assorted dishes that they prepared.

The Disciples Escoffier China Delegation is definitely lookingforward to going back and supporting the cultural food of Yangzhou.

Wine and Dine Food Festival With Disciples of Escoffier China Delegation En savoir p

The wine and dine food festival was organised by SOPEXA with the French consulate as partner from September 18th until September 20th. Disciples of Escoffier China Delegation, was very pleased to have been invited to this amazing event and to conduct some cooking demonstrations. This has helped various people from different walks of life to understand and taste the Escoffier chefs' food  creations. The event was hosted at the New Expo Center in Pudong where the China world Expo 2010 was held.


The Disciples Escoffier China delegation performed six cooking demonstrations at the European Food Festival in Shanghai between 29th October and 8th November with the presence of multiple media and a European Council delegation. The event was held at the fabulous the Bund.


Let us appreciate the beautiful dishes created by Chef David Jean Marteau, Chef Bertrand Ducauroy, Chef Ling Mon Chai and Chef Lily Liu below.