Shanghai November Epicurean Dinner 2016

To continue our endeavours in discovering new and old places to host our epicurean dinners in the Shanghai region, we revisited one of the oldest French bistro"Le Bouchon", a 17 years old French bistro with Chef Eric Holveck at the helm. Being an institution for gastronomes, the menu was focused on traditions, being country side dishes with no 'chcchi', simple and straight forward.

The place, being tiny, we could only host no more than 30 epicurean lovers; As usual, the wine was sponsored by royal oak with our Escoffier sommelier, Cyril Koog.

September Epicurean Dinner at Tascovery Studio
Disciples Escoffier China Delegation in Shanghai gathered for a great outing, bringing them deep into the well known French concession. After wandering around this part of old Shanghai, they finally arrived to their dinner destination. Tascovery Studio, an elegant culinary school founded by Disciples Escoffier Chef Tony Jiang, where he teaches basics western food as well as master class in pastries with Chef Sarah Ni.
Shenzhen Annual Gala Dinner
To commemorate Chef Auguste Escoffier 170th anniversary, Disciples Escoffier China Delegation Shenzhen region, hosted its first ever annual gala dinner on October 28th 2016 at “L’Etoile ‘restaurant.