DDE Philippines now Expands to Cebu & Davao collaboration dinner set in Cebu's Grand Waterfront Hotel April 2017


Details on the 2017 April Colaboration Dinner in Cebu's Grand waterfront hotel to be annouced in early March.

Expanding DDE Philippine Chapter across the country via its active commited members transferring the knowledge & spreading the word 

Welcome Home President of Le Club Juniors Philippines Effielene & John Howard


Welcome Home ..After 3 long months of travelling thru out the US visiting her J1 students Effiellene is now back to ensure

YTT 2017 gets her full support & her young hopefulls .Coordinationg closely with Chef Spakowski ( YTT 2017 Preseident ) & Donna Chua ( DDE Secetary General ) 2017 

Congratulations to Donna Sheryl Chua 2017 Secetary General & YTT 2017 Communications Vice President

Disciples@Escoffier Secetary General Philippine delegation 2017 

Donna Sheryl Chua


A double major College Graduate

Bachelor of Science in Business Managenemy, Major in Adversiting; Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts, Major in Behavioral Sciences / Organizational Development from a top University - De La Salle University-Manila.