Welcome Home President of Le Club Juniors Philippines Effielene & John Howard


Welcome Home ..After 3 long months of travelling thru out the US visiting her J1 students Effiellene is now back to ensure

YTT 2017 gets her full support & her young hopefulls .Coordinationg closely with Chef Spakowski ( YTT 2017 Preseident ) & Donna Chua ( DDE Secetary General ) 2017 

Congratulations to Donna Sheryl Chua 2017 Secetary General & YTT 2017 Communications Vice President

Disciples@Escoffier Secetary General Philippine delegation 2017 

Donna Sheryl Chua


A double major College Graduate

Bachelor of Science in Business Managenemy, Major in Adversiting; Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts, Major in Behavioral Sciences / Organizational Development from a top University - De La Salle University-Manila.

Congratulations Chef Giovanni Sias Selected as Vice President Disciples@escoffier Philippine Delegation




The Manila Pavilion Hotel ushered in the Year of the Fire Monkey with a great blast, starting with a traditional lion and dragon dance from the lobby to the functions rooms and back, followed by an “Ang Pao” ceremony and a coin shower, with the celebrations capped by a fireworks display that delighted guests.