CHINA Shenzhen Intercontinental is hiring...

Dear all

Intercontinental Shenzhen is recruiting a French chef for their fine dining restaurant “Pipette” which offers open dinner and occasional lunch.  "Pipette" is listed top 50 French Restaurants in China

Following is their expectation : 

French Chef

-        Look for French Chef ideally seeking a good sous chef to oversee the fine dining restaurant

-        28-35 years of age


According to Auguste Escoffier's vision, gastronomy is not just about cooking but more about preserving the culinary arts and traditions.

Disciples Escoffier South Korea Delegation Culinary Journey in France

In August 2015, the Disciples Escoffier South Korea delegation, together with Soo-Chang, our YTT candidate representing South Korea made a trip to France with a hint of Escoffier along the way. On 20th August, visit at the Escoffier Museum in Villeneuve-Loubet was conducted with Chef Byong-Dong Jang, President of the Korean delegation together with the chef-candidate.