CHINA Shenzhen Intercontinental is hiring...

Dear all

Intercontinental Shenzhen is recruiting a French chef for their fine dining restaurant “Pipette” which offers open dinner and occasional lunch.  "Pipette" is listed top 50 French Restaurants in China

Following is their expectation : 

French Chef

-        Look for French Chef ideally seeking a good sous chef to oversee the fine dining restaurant

-        28-35 years of age

2017 First MasterClass with Chef Didier Corlou

Join us for our very first MasterClass of the year 2017 featuring our Honorary President, Chef Didier Corlou. Being the first foreign chef to come to Vietnam, he discovered with pelasure Vietnramese sprices and cuisine. Since then, he has never stopped mixing Vietnamese spices with his French skills, making us discover new tastes. Always wanting to transmit his knowledge to the younger generation, he now opens his doors for us to discover his recipes based on salted butter.