May 21: Our Culinary Marathon day

May 21, 2016 will have long lasting memories for Vietnam delegation. It was the most intense, rich and tasteful day we ever had: masterclass in the morning, Disciples of Escoffier Young Talent Trophy Selection in the afternoon and our annual gala dinner and chapter to close the day perfectly. All of that hosted at one same place: New World Saigon Hotel.

The Disciples Escoffier Vietnam Delegation had a Blast in October !

Disciples Escoffier Vietnam delegation was unstoppable this month filled with culinary good news. They had the very successful Saigon Gourmet Week with a gala dinner on 17th October where Michelin and celebrity chefs were engaged in a battle for serving the main course to the diner participants.

the Disciples Escoffier in Vietnam: Gala Dinner and Hanoi Chapter.

The Disciples Escoffier in Vietnam adorned the city of Hanoi with a Gala Dinner the menu of which was prepared by five star chefs, namely, Chef Michel Portos, Chef Robert Fontana, Chef Brendon Partridge, Chef Khanh Tran as well as Chef Raphael Szurek. An induction ceremony was held at the dinner witnessing a significant growth of the Disciples Escoffier family in Vietnam. Keep up the great work and we certainly look forward to more high profile events from this ever-growing delegation.