YTT Team Thailand: Winner of the YTT 2015!

The winner of YTT this year is team Thailand! Congratulations to the Thailand delegation and Panuvit representing Thailand. He found the chocolate tart the biggest challenge for him throughout the competition but he was able to improve his knife skills, one of the most rewarding learning experiences he has had.
"I've learnt how to be a good chef", he said during the interview. He was blessed to be in a competition with many strong candidates and he appreciates the friendship and the bonding with them, which he believes is the spirit of the competition.

Founding member of the Disciples Escoffier in the Philippines

Chef Robert E. Spakowski who spearheaded the Disciples Escoffier in the Philippines recently took on the Food Hero Asia 2015 challenge.

Disciples Escoffier the Philippines delegation at the Sustainable Seafood Week in February 2016

Vision of the Sustainable Seafood Week is to establish an open and dynamic platform for interested stakeholders to discuss the status, challenges and awareness for more sustainable seafood in the Philippines, focusing on local solutions for change and reform in the fisheries and aquaculture sector.