Chef Emmanuel Soulière induced into the Chaine des Rôtisseurs

Chef Emmanuel Soulière, President of the Disciples Escoffier Macau delegation was inducted into the Chaine des Rôtisseurs Macau on 20th November at Studio City Macau. Congratulations Emmanuel from the Disciples Escoffier Asia!

Institut Culinaire Disciples Escoffier – Intermediate Level Exam

The Institut Culinaire Disciples Escoffier in Hong Kong has presented the intermediate-level medals and certificates to the second batch of students who have successfully passed the level examination.

YTT Team Hong Kong: Second Runner-Up!

Choice Ka Lok Ip impressed the judges with his skills and beautiful plating, earning him both The Best Skills Award and the third place in this year's competition. His goals were to learn from the other contestants and to exchange with them on the culinary endeavours. Giving his best at the competition he never lost his composure. This YTT journey has no doubt been an invaluable learning experience for Choice.