First 9 Orange Ribbons in the world ! Philippines Makes history


First in the world 9 Orange le club ribbons awarded to the first batch of ICDE graduates last week !

Congratulations Le Club you have now Joined our DDE Family - Long live the spirt of Auguste Escoffier .

Shanghai January Epicurean Dinner at La Cabane

For the first epicurean dinner of 2017, Disciples Escoffier brought us to a great restaurant, La Cabane.This famous French eatery is designed like an Alpine lodge, where the dining room is filled with wooden furniture, creating a warm and comfort ambiance. you will probably think your are in France as soon as you walk in as conversations in French can be heard all over the place.The stars of the menu are cheese, meats and breads delivered in forms of salads, toasts and the highlight fondues; basically comfort food with a heavy French accent.