2017 YTE Shanghai Pre Selection

For the fifth round of our Young Talents Escoffier (YTE), we traveled from Hangzhou to Shanghai where the contest was held at Tascovery Studio, a culinary studio run by Chef Tony Jiang and Sarah Ni, respectively our newly nominated Shanghai sub-president and secretary.

The 8 candidates came from various establishments, like vocational culinary schools as well as some 5 star rated hotels.

Like the other pre-selection in the previous cities, we had the same recipes, in order to have fairness and equality amongst all the candidates.

 The recipes chosen were ‘Oeuf a la Hussarde’ and ‘Carre D’Agneau Printanier’.

For the judges panel in the kitchen, we had a few Disciples Escoffier China Delegation with Chef Mei Hurst, Chef Eric Holveck and Chef Sebastien.

For the tasting table we had the privilege to welcome the president of Les Amis Escoffier, Mr. Bertrand Cristau as well as Miss Melanie Cristau.

The kitchen was well set with an even amount of ingredients per candidates, all prepared by Chef Tony and Chef Sarah, who also not only ran the contest but also supervised all the aspects, making sure the rules were well followed.

The winner of the Shanghai pre-selection is the young Chef Wing, who will be coming to the grand final and compete on his own turf, defending the Shanghai colors.

His medal, certificate and trophy was given to him by Mr. Bertrand Cristau, an emotional moment in which we are sure he will cherish.

Thanks to President for providing the contest with the entire dairy product necessary and to Chef Works for providing all the candidates with beautiful aprons.





Awards Ceremony with Candidates and Judges