Bernard Matter, Treasurer

In Asia for 23 years, Bernard Matter spent 3 years at Metro China (wholesale food for Professionals) as General Store Director and 3 years at Carrefour South Korea as General Store Director. After a big heard surgery, he decided to stop and realize his dream in South East Asia: Creating his own Hotel. He landed in Phnom Penh Cambodia in 2003 and created Bougainvillier Hotel, 28 rooms and three restaurants: one French fine dining, one Italian and one Japanese. 14 years later, he sold the business to start a new experience. He thought it was the right time for Cambodia and wealthy Cambodian to start a new food experience. He imported Caviar and Champagne. Although there were already some caviars sold here he created a new market for five-star hotels, restaurants and mostly for Khmer Connoisseurs. 

Fine food and wine lover, Epicurean with many knowledge, now it is time for Bernard Matter to transmit all his experience to the newer generations for those who want to acquire it.