Boris Depestel, Deputy Secretary

Following my stay at the Auguste Escoffier hotel and at the vocational school in Nouméa, it is at the restaurant "La Grillade" currently "Entre Terre Et Mer" that I made my debut.

Mrs. Pommarede Adeline, Mr. Coco Tony and Mr. Rosset Patrick pursued me to transmit their passions and their love of the profession.

Passionate about wines, liqueurs and cocktails, I quickly realized that I could not do better. With a track record and an exceptional career, Patrick Rosset has been my mentor in this area. He was able to transmit to me the techniques and the Golden Rules of the ABF (Association Des Barmans de France). I was hired as a versatile bar clerk and ended up as an assistant manager.

After 7 years of loyalty, I took the heavy decision to take my flight to other experiences.

It is towards the Hotel industry that I turned to continue to improve myself. Spending a little more than one year at the 5-star Le Méridien hotel in Nouméa, my mentor at heart, contacted me for a new adventure.

It was then that he introduced me to chef Hervé Matringe, also an old man. Their project: to open a restaurant in a popular district of Nouméa. I quickly realized that the risk was worth it and so I left the Hotel.

The restaurant L'Arlequin was born in July 2016, I was hired as head of room and assistant chef.

During the last three years I have been able to contribute to the evolution of the restaurant and its clientele while developing the bar part of the restaurant (almost non-existent in the restaurants of Nouméa), and even participate in the barman competition.

Since then, we have been working in a popular restaurant ranked 1st on Trip-Advisor for the New Caledonia area.

Joining the association Disciples Escoffier International is for me an honor which will allow me to give even more meaning to my daily life because I think that in our professions our life is punctuated not by music but by our professions. for which I am keen to maintain the golden letters of the food industry.

And since 2018, I have become a partner and co-manager of Restaurant L'Arlequin.