China Cuisine Association (abbr. CCA), a national guild of catering industry, is officially authorized by Ministry of Civil Affairs of P.R.C and established in 1987. CCA is voluntarily formed by those groups and individuals engaged in the catering industry, education and research. Under the leadership of the Government and supported by all the concerned social circles, and according to the Constitution, CCA is actively serving the industry, enterprises, societies as well as the individuals. Our principle is Inheriting, Developing, Exploiting and Innovating. CCA has made great contributions to the development of Chinese cuisine by conveying the wishes of its members, communicating & executing national policies concerned, developing culinary culture of China, enhancing culinary skills, exchanging culinary information, guiding the development of the catering industry, cultivating catering talents in skills and management, protecting the legal interests of enterprises, holding together catering workers and prompting the progress of the catering industry .