David Jean Marteau, General Secretary

Award-winning executive chef David Jean Marteau has been cooking and traveling around the world for over thirty years. David’s recipes aim to awaken the senses, turn the ordinary into the spectacular, and educate the palettes of his international clientele. Not satisfied with the traditional, well-known recipes of Western cuisine, he reshapes, reconstructs, and delivers on his promise of great food for the most astute food critic to the homegrown foodies looking to spice up their cooking.

Experiencing the rigors of being an executive chef serving a multicultural clientele as well as some celebrities, such as Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, actresses Halle Berry, Queen Latifah, actor Robert Carlyle, NBA superstar Yao Ming and president Georges Bush Senior, to name a few.

In 2004 Chef David was rated one of the "Top 5" chefs in Canada in the Tabasco National Contest.

In 2005 Chef David was also rated one of the “Top 30” best chefs in Canada in the Nestle National Competition.

In 2007 Chef David moved to Shanghai, China and started working there. He still manages to make appearances at regional cooking competitions and aims to mentor young Chinese chefs in the art of Western cooking, thus, he coached the young generation at the national level.

In recognition of his contribution to the culinary arts, David was inducted into the Chaîne Des Rôtisseurs Shanghai chapter as Master Rotisseur, as well as the Canadian Culinary Federation in the summer of 2010. Then in 2012 inside the famous French culinary association of “The Escoffier Society” greater China chapter.

In recognition of his contribution to the culinary arts, chef David was inducted into the culinary hall of fame in 2016 amongst many other celebrity chefs.

He became an official World Master Chef in 2017.

Among his many achievements, Chef David was also a committee member of the Bocuse D’Or Asia Pacific final I 2018.

He is also the author of "Creative Cooking For the Global Kitchen", his own published cookbook.


屡获殊荣的高级行政总厨一直活跃在全球烹饪三十多年。 大卫的食谱有他独到的见解,他将普通转变为壮观。他尊重西方美食的传统,也有着对传统的突破、重塑、和再创造,并以自己最精湛的手法为最精明的美食评论家和希望为自己的烹饪增添色彩的本土美食家提供美味的食物。

作为一位优秀和严谨的行政总厨, 大卫受到了不同文化背景的客户和诸多名人的赞美。例如美国州长也是好莱坞明星阿诺德·施瓦辛格,美国女明星哈莉·贝瑞、奎因·拉蒂法,英国演员罗伯特·卡莱尔,NBA超级明星姚明,美国总统乔治·布什,等等。

2004年,大卫在加拿大Tabasco 国家比赛中进入前5 名。2005年,他在Nestle国家比赛中被评为加拿大 "前30名 "最佳厨师之一。

2007年,厨师大卫搬到了中国上海,开始了新的历程。他活跃在中国区域烹饪比赛中, 旨在指导年轻的中国厨师学习西方烹饪艺术, 并且受聘为国家一级执教烹饪导师。2020年,大卫加入了Chaîne Des Rôtisseurs法国美食协会上海分会和加拿大烹饪联合会。2012年,他加入了著名的法国埃科菲厨皇协会。直到现在也是厨师界烹饪名人堂和具有官方代表的世界大厨。2018年,大卫成为博古斯世界烹饪大赛亚太地区决赛的委员会成员。他还在全球发表了烹饪著作《全球厨房创意烹饪》。