Disciples Escoffier the Philippines delegation at the Sustainable Seafood Week in February 2016

Vision of the Sustainable Seafood Week is to establish an open and dynamic platform for interested stakeholders to discuss the status, challenges and awareness for more sustainable seafood in the Philippines, focusing on local solutions for change and reform in the fisheries and aquaculture sector. In face of the overexploitation of the fishery resources and the destruction of the marine ecosystem, the participants of the Sustainable Seafood Week, come together to declare the commitment to improve the health of the oceans by pursuing responsible business practices in the sourcing of seafood products from more sustainable fisheries and aquaculture. The Disciples Escoffier the Philippines delegation has taken up an active role under the leadership of chef Philip John Golding to contribute to both the organisation as well as the operation of the event. We certainly look forward to the official launch of this event week on 1th February 2016.