Les Amis d’Escoffier
specifically exist to keep the Auguste Escoffier legacy alive

"The purpose of Les Amis d’Escoffier is to keep the fine cuisine alive and appreciated around the world with 4 specific goals: To enhance the art of fine dining by supporting culinary education through scholarships for kitchen professionals and for food services professionals; To support food service professionals pursuing their careers in the hospitality industry; To honor select members and industry leaders for their continued support to the Culinary Arts; To honor select non-professionals for their support to charity organizations and actions in the spirit of Auguste Escoffier. Les Amis d’Escoffier are inducted into the prestigious DEI, and are full-part members of this worldwide organization recognized today on all the continents.

The objective is to revolutionize the Art of Cooking in Shanghai, place where the gastronomic spaces have increased because of the incredible and fast evolution of the City. These informal events are kept in Hotels or Restaurants in Asia. The Guests are received by the Best Asian and Western Chefs, who decided to bring their expertise in Asia. The Dinners are prepared around themes which draw their flavors from the Western influences which trained the Chefs.So, the Dinners offer to the Gourmands and to the Gourmets, an once-in-a-life time opportunity to take advantage of a delicious food, accompanied with fine wines, in a comfortable atmosphere.The Association, by means of these simple Dinners with the Members and their Guests, tries to make sensitive in the quality and in the perfection of Cuisine generally, such as they owe of the being, but especially contribute so that all these messages are transmitted in a warm and family atmosphere, according to the wishes and  Auguste Escoffier's ideas, in the initial. For Hotels or Restaurants, it is about the possibility of exposing themselves and of spreading Auguste Escoffier's visions and of promoting the Culinary Art with a more or less expert public of the Great French Cuisine.

Mister Thierry Muller
President of "Amis d'Escoffier China", General Treasurer Asia & China