Fusion or Confusion! j'ai dis Fusion...comme c'est Confusion.

His piece of reference in reply to M. Simon by P. Joubet attempts to open the dialogue on the definition of “Fusion Food” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ku-ChVdBwDs
According to Wikipedia, fushion food is both a culinary trend dated back to the years 1980 – 1990 as well as a type of cuisine that summons several cuisines, cultures and foreign techniques to challenge each other on the same plate or in the same dish. Fushion distinguishes itself from the cross-overs of food in the approach of conscience and deliberately to “shock” the different types of cuisines. I wished to go a little further in my reasoning, to commence or to end the discussion with fushion food.
Tomato, from Naples which is the landing ground, made its way into the Italian cuisine in the 16th century. Lyrical Italians named it the “Golden Apple” [In Italian tomato is translated as Pomodorri!!]. From there they transmitted it to the Provence.
Badiane comes from China where it got the name ’bajiao’’ 八角 [8 corners]. Spices such as cardamom and ginger were being traded since the ancient times.
In this light you can see that we are working with a phenomenon as old as the age of the world. Nowadays you cannot execute all and without a direction. The integration of ingredients call for a certain research and product understanding to bring out the harmony in the final dish.
Let me give you a glace of my personal experience. In the year 2000 the Yunnan province demanded of me the creation of jam made from local fruits with a French note given to it. I created this jam from the Chinese grapefruit and saffron. The most surprising moment came from the reaction of the Chinese chefs that attempted to explain to me that this fruit must be eaten raw. Was this fushion food? Strange…strange… is our speech between us two chefs from Macau.


RAPHAEL KINIMO No resume of Raphael Kinimo is complete without the mentioning of the myriad of awards. Currently the Chef de Cuisine of Ritz Carlton Macau, he joined the 3 Michelin-starred Paul Bocuse Restaurant as a commis chef when he was still a student. Since then, his name has always been associated with top hotels and restaurants, including those run by supremos like Gerard Nandron, Marc Veyrat and Joel Robuchon. But what makes Chef Raphael shine is the fact that every restaurant at his helm in recent years has received prestigious local or international culinary awards. Undoubtedly his contribution has been vital to the success of these restaurants.

For youWhat does that mean Fusion Cuisine ?

For me, fusion cuisine is a way to mix different kind of cooking style for a recipe, this can be very interesting but one must understand and analyses fundamental principle of the different cooking style.

how do you integrate Local Ingredients in your Cooking Style?

When integrate the local ingredients within a recipe, one should know how to harmonize the product to sublimate them, sublimate their flavor, their texture to get a balanced result. Cooking is the way to showcase your product in a perfect balance of flavor.

Give me a recipe representing for you the typical recipes of Fusion or classic Cuisine

This recipe is a fusion recipe as i understand my products and i know how to showcase them in my cooking style, there is no confusion, i know exactly what I’m doing. Today i will highlight a local lobster recipe.

Low temperature cooking lobster merlot wine reduction crustaceans sauce and seasonal vegetable






EMMANUEL SOULIERE Executive Chef of Conrad Macau, Cotai Central and one of the founding members of the Association of the International Disciples Escoffier in Asia, is an innovator in many aspects, ranging from culinary innovation, communication and internal marketing to training his culturally diverse chefs. With 24 years of experience behind him in the food and beverage industry, he shares with us how creativity acts as one of the key components towards successful internal communication and cultural collaboration.MANU.pdf

For youWhat does that mean Fusion Cuisine ?

Cooking is in perpetual evolution , whit products , technique , equipment and people for the benefice of our convive how are in perpetual demand gustative. From there we are mixing like a mixologist to creat a sensation . Start with a classic dish or a product to start the stories and after we add technique , support by equipment and people  and we finish whit a dish , may not be the perfect dish but we test , After we do the modification and make trail to others and look at the face and this can continue until we have this sensation that we are looking for , whit fusing all what we know,  we finish with a dish how let people's whit great  gustative sensation.

For youWhat does that mean Fusion Cuisine ?

The dish we create are the tofu highly appreciate  in Asia ,  soft texture and the second main items are the truffle from Tasmania crunchy and full of aroma. The egg truffle is classic whit truffle in France and the egg white tofu delicacy in Cantonese cuisine by the texture and light food.

Give me a recipe representing for you the typical recipes of Fusion or classic Cuisine

In this recipies we fused 1 classic french dishes and traditional cooking method from Canton to creat a dish how make you confuse by the look but fused by the tast , the texture of the toffu, ritchness of the yolk and flavor of the Tasmania truffle , will be appreciate by Confucius.... On more importante note the pili nut coming from Phillipine and have a great butter taste to accompagne this dish  

Egg tofu whit Tasmanian black truffles and pili nuts