German Pool Slow Cooker

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SOUS VIDE PRO Slow Cook Circulator Set (Wi-fi Control) SVC-213W

Cook to perfection anywhere anytime with an app Chef-picked recipes to be recreated by you Slow Cook Circulator, Vacuum Sealer, and cookbook in box set Recommended by Disciples Escoffier International Asia Perfectly precise temperature and time control Control down to 0.5°C within range of 0 to 95°C

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Cooked Exclusively for You by Master Chefs

Sous Vide, literally “under vacuum” in French, is a precise cooking culinary technique exemplifying art and science. Essence of food is retained, and cooked to perfection. Now, with SOUS VIDE PRO, let top chefs cook Michelin level Sous Vide cuisines exclusively for you.

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Weekend Weekly Recommended

With German Pool SOUS VIDE PRO, Weekend Weekly reporters have cooked the perfect dishes with precisely controlled temperature.

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