Good France 2018

GOOD FRANCE / Gout de France 2018

A unique opportunity to savor France

The aim of this event is to pay tribute to the excellence of French cuisine, its capacity for innovation, and the values that it represents: sharing, pleasure, and a respect for good food, good company, and the environment.

In 1912, Auguste Escoffier started Les Dîners d’Épicure (Epicurean Diners): one day, one menu, served in cities around the world, to as many guests as possible. Goût de/Good France aims to bring this idea to life by assembling all kinds of restaurants across the globe. This international event, which first took place on March 19, 2015, aims to spread French cuisine around the world following its inscription to UNESCO’s list of "Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity."

For Disciples Escoffier and Institut Culinaire Disciples Escoffier, this event have take the form of a social lunch and a dinner at the residence of the French Consult, on the 20th of March 2018.

Make French gastronomy accessible to all
Social event in partnership with the French Chamber Foundation, at The Lunch Club in Wanchai

As its first project, the French Chamber Foundation has created the Lunch Club, operated in 3 locations by Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service. Since October 2016, the French Chamber Foundation has opened a new Lunch Club in Kwun Tong operated by Kwun Tong Baptist Swatow Church.
Located in Mong Kok, Wanchai, Tsuen Wan and Kwun Tong, the Lunch Club welcomes low income workers 5 days a week. It serves dietician-supervised meals for a low cost of HK$8. Moreover, the hotmeal canteen serves as an important entry point for social workers to connect with the Lunch Club members, identify their needs and help them make progress in their working career and consequently be able to improve their livelihood.

According to the government figures, 1.35 millions of Hong Kong’s residents were living below the poverty line in 2016.
For the first time in 2018, the Consulate general is partnering with the French Chamber Foundation and Disciples Escoffier Asia - Institut Culinaire Disciples Escoffier, to make French gastronomy accessible to Hong Kong’s underprivileged on the occasion of Good France / Gout de France. For this occasion, a meal prepared by our Culinary Arts Master Chef Vincent LEROUX from Institut Culinaire Disciples Escoffier as well as students and alumni of the Institut Culinaire Disciples Escoffier, have be served at the Foundation’s Lunch Club in Wanchai.

Menu Lunch Club
Eggs farcis Chimay
Chicken Fricassee with Champagne with pilaf rice.
Chocolate mousse


Official Dinner at the Residence of the Consulate General of France in Hong Kong & Macau

Guests present on this event had the opportunity to enjoy a gastronomic menu based on the region of France Nouvelle Aquitaine. This dinner was prepared by students and alumni of the Institut Culinaire Disciples Escoffier, under the tutelage of our Chef Vincent LEROUX.

Caviar Aquitaine-Potato Re Island, vegetable oyster
Southwestern Foie Gras served hot, Macau artichoke in royal
Aligot with Pyrénées tomme, ham and walnuts.
Red mullet of Arcachon basin, velvet of watercress, Chips of Andouille Béarnaise
Stuffed Poitevin
Limousin veal smoked with pine thorn, Echalion of Poitou in emulsion, carrots of sands from Landes, fruit apples

Cheese Trays
Figou - Ossau Iraty - Pave Corrézien - Cabecou of Périgord - Chabichou of Poitou – Burned Cow cheese

Sweet Mignardises
Creusois cake
Bordelais Cannelé

The apple in trompe l’oeil





The Institut Culinaire Disciples Escoffier (ICDE) is our professional culinary school based in Hong Kong, in partnership with Towngas Cooking Centre, and providing Culinary Arts and Pastry programs.

Our philosophy is driven by Auguste Escoffier (1846-1936), the legendary “King of Chefs, Chef of Kings”, widely considered the father of modern French cuisine. While introducing unprecedented standards of sophistication and elegance to the world of fine dining and luxury hospitality, Escoffier always insisted that dishes be simpler, lighter, and made from fresh ingredients. He never stopped innovating, and believed as we do that “cooking will evolve in parallel with society’s evolution, while always remaining an art form”.



The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited officially established the Towngas Cooking Centre in May 1977. Its opening turned a new page in the history of culinary education in Hong Kong. Its establishment has created unique opportunities for customers to experience the joy of gourmet flame cookery.

In 2018, Towngas Cooking Centre has achieved the milestone of cultivating flame cooking for over 40 years and has invited Steve Lee (“Ding Yeh”), a flame cooking aficionado, to promote flame cooking and authentic Chinese cuisine in Hong Kong. Aired on TVB Jade Channel, “The Ahistoric Grandpa Cooking Show” soon became one of the hottest shows in the city, setting off a new wave of flame cooking enthusiasm.

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