HERVE FRERARD, Honorary President

Since 2006, Chef Hervé Frerard hasn't stopped surprising Bangkok citizens with his unique cooking style. He’s proven himself a chef who isn't just impassioned by gastronomy but one who also is extremely generous, very open-minded, and always tuned in to his customers, all with an aim to please. A lot of chefs spend their whole time in the kitchen. Chef Hervé doesn't. He spends as much time outside with customers, whom he considers friends. And to make sure everyone is satisfied with their meals,
Chef Hervé cooks with his heart. “There's a lot of people who cook. But there is one thing missing: the heart.”Le Beaulieu will open its
doors again Saturday, 20 October 2012, relocated to Plaza Athénée on Witthayu Road, and to a new concept. It will be more modern and warmer than its earlier permutation. And the new Le Beaulieu will feature a magnificent 300-square-metre terrace capable of welcoming 60 guests. The terrace will be open to the public by early December 2012 and hours will be late, which probably means around 1.30am. In the meantime, you can enjoy Le Beaulieu in its cosy two-storey dining room and admire a modern motif designed mostly by Khun Sumet
Sokapanphotaran, interior architect. Light pop and even lighter jazz creates a laidback atmosphere of a four-seasons type for lunch time, early evening, dinner time and late night. The inside room has capacity for about 30 guest on the first floor and 35 on the second. There’s an open view of the kitchen, bar and wine fridges. Le Beaulieu’s own ‘The Chef's Table’ is an exclusive corner that can be reserved by anyone who signs up for a platinum card and includes a complimentary gift voucher of 50,000 baht in food and beverage. And most impressively, if you’re having a special occasion The Chef’s Table offers astounding personal service from Chef Hervé himself….