Jerome Laurent, General Secretary Assistant

Chef Jerome Laurent was born in Southern France, in a family of 6 generations of hoteliers and restaurateurs. He built up a highly distinguished career, starting from working with some of the greatest chefs in the world such as M. Bernard Loiseau, at 3 stars Michelin Hotel La Côte D’Or in France, M. Alain Ducasse at 3 stars Michelin restaurant Le Louis XV in Monaco. He then lived in North America, Russia, Indonesia and Vietnam, organizing many premium culinary events. Garnered his worldly style, Chef Laurent returned to France to start his own restaurant, where he was awarded as Michelin starred chef eight years in a row since 2006. Joining ADEN represented his new adventure to introduce culinary innovation and lifestyle choices to a much broader audience.


主厨Jerome Laurent出生于法国南部,一家由六代饭店和饭店老板组成的家庭。他的职业生涯师从世界一流的厨师,例如M. Bernard Loiseau,法国三星级的米其林酒店La Côte D'Or,摩纳哥路易十五米其林三星餐厅M. Alain Ducasse,建立了非常杰出的职业生涯。他随后生活在北美,俄罗斯,印度尼西亚和越南,组织了许多优质的美食烹饪活动。主厨Laurent秉承世俗的风格,回到法国开办了自己的餐厅,自2006年以来,他连续八年被授予米其林星级厨师。加入ADEN代表了他的新的职业征程,向更广泛的受众介绍烹饪创新和生活方式 。