John Zhou, Vice President

Mr. John Zhou started his career in Westin Shanghai in 1990 and has been engaged in the hotel industry for 30 years. After several years of employment, Mr. John Zhou officially joined Grand Hyatt Shanghai in 1999, successively served as the executive management position of the kitchen department in Grand Hyatt Shanghai Bund Hotel and Grand Hyatt Hangzhou Hotel (upgraded from the former Grand Hyatt Hangzhou hotel in 2018). In 2008, he was invited to become the Executive Vice Chef of Grand Hyatt Shanghai Bund Hotel, and in 2012, he was entrusted by the group to be the Executive Chef of Grand Hyatt Hangzhou hotel. In January 2018, he was invited to be the director of Food & Beverage in Renaissance & Marriott hotel Suzhou Taihu Lake, and was promoted to the Director of Operation in June 2020. Since 2016, he was honored with the title of Vice President of Disciples Escoffier Interntional China Delegation. It is always his favorite thing to tap the characteristics of food materials, open the delicacy of natural creation with ingenuity, let the delicious food touch the six senses of enjoyment, and stir the joyful string in the memory of diners. He has also racked up many fruitful achievements during 30 years, such as:

- 2012 | Judge of World Association of Chefs Societies

- 2018 | Marriott Brand Suzhou Cluster F&B Champion

- 2018 | The Best Restaurant Awards since 2009 The Authoritative Chef of The Year

- 2018 | The Man of Year in Suzhou Taihu Exhibition

- 2019 | Wuzhong Craftsman in Suzhou

- 2019 | China Feast Restaurant Awards, Annual Contribution Award



- 2012年 | WACS(世界厨师联合会)证书

- 2018年 | 万豪国际苏州区酒店餐饮大使(F&B Champion)

- 2018年 | 橄榄中国餐厅大奖荣获“年度实力名厨”

- 2018年 | 苏州太湖会展“年度风云人物”

- 2019年 | 苏州吴中区第二届“吴中工匠”称号

- 2019年 | “盛宴·中国”评选,年度行业贡献奖