LAURENT POUSSE,Secretary General of Delegation

Laurent is born in the early 60's in "Le Mans" France. Graduated from a Hospitality School and From a Vocational Tourism College. His studies drove his early career and he worked around the world for the famous Hospitality Groups "Club Mediterranee". In 1998, After few years in South of France working in a 3*** Resort as Entertainment Director, he took a year of to come to China to learn Mandarin language and visit the region. Since then he had taken various Managing positions in Asia. In 1999, he was hired by the "Convention Center" of Shanghai to organize under the management of French Chef Robert Fontana, the first Premium International Event, "the World 500 Fortunes". Two years Later, he was asked to create a French cabaret in Xintiandi, in Shanghai, called "La Maison" which he did successfully. From 2004 to 2010 his career took a different path and he works as Sales& Marketing Director in Food and Beverages Companies Across Asia and was involved in International events Such as F1 Gd Prix, Tsingtao Beer Festival, Macau F3 Gd prix etc... Laurent can work fluently in 3 languages (French, English, Mandarin), and do also understand 6 others (Shangainese, German, Spanish, Italian, Tagalog, and Thai). Laurent has always been attracted by Wines and Gastronomy, that leads him to open in 2011, his own company to answer the needs of the Chinese and SEA market. He trades and sources products from all over the World : Meat, Sea Food, Olive Oil, French and Australian Wines. He is also a Business Developer for some French startups in the Catering Industry in China. His spare time is spread between his lovely Twins daughters and his Passion for Sports and Basket-Ball that he had practiced at some National level back in his early years.