MA. CRISTINA LLAMO, Vice President of delegation

Ms. Ma. Cristina “Cris” Llamo is the Vice-President and General Manager of IAJ Wellness Corporation- the exclusive distributor of the iconic Australian kitchen appliance brand, Breville®, as well as, the Matstone Multi-purpose Slow Juicer from Korea. Business runs deep in the family with roots in the retail business as early as the 70s. It was here where Cris learned key business skills. In 1997, she opened and managed a desktop publishing printing business with the guidance of her father. This humble beginning gave birth to The WOW Group of companies (TWG), a group of family owned businesses offering various products from the field of food, health, audio, video & lights, industrial batteries, flooring materials, among others ( Cris is also currently the Chief Operating Officer for The WOW Group of companies.She is also currently the Executive Vice-President of Audio Video Solutions Corp. (AVSC) and the Chairman-of-the-Board of Builder's Choice, Inc. (BCI), the exclusive distributor of LG Flooring & Hanwha Flooring from Korea.Her passion for the culinary arts ignited at a very young age. She started baking and selling her goodies at the age of ten. She later moved up to hot kitchen dishes and has enjoyed cooking from then on. Among the pioneers of juicing in the country, Cris is an active advocate of veggie juicing, alternative & integrative therapies, holistic nutrition and healthy lifestyle since 2001.