Marvas Ng, General Secretary

For someone who takes taste buds to the clouds, Chef de Cuisine Marvas Ng is incredibly down to earth.

Fresh from representing our nation in the 2020 Culinary Olympics, Marvas is a true-blue Singaporean whose search for gastronomic epiphanies has taken him to Switzerland, Dubai, Hong Kong and beyond.

During which, he cooked alongside celebrated chefs in some of the most renowned restaurants. Yet, despite all of this, he has never forgotten his roots in Asia and its influence.

That’s why, at the Ocean Restaurant, Marvas has taken his craft and creativity to new depths. Marrying the freshest of sustainable seafood with his unique take on Mod Asian Cuisine.

And, to make things extra special back here in Singapore, he’s included a sprinkle of flavours from his childhood, and a pinch of inspiration from his travels.

The result is a menu that will take you along a culinary journey. And a meal that’s as inspiring as the view.