Members categories

Acquisition of the membership:

In order to become an active member of the association, one must:

  • Be major and enjoy all civil rights;
  • Be domiciled and/or be able to exercise one’s professional activity in one of the delegation of Asia;
  • Adhere with the present statutes and with the disposals of the rules of procedure;
  • To hold interest with the gastronomy, hotel and tourism industry;
  • To engage oneself to the realization of the objectives pursued by the Association and to not use the membership for personal or lucrative ends;
  • Formulate by written means an application for admission, signed by the applicant and followed by the signature of two sponsors, founding members  and/or active members of the Association;
  • Be authorized by the Mother Association, represented by its Board of Governors, in which the decision in the matter is discretional and not prompted.

Chef directing a kitchen, an establishment such as Restaurant or an Hotel, with a cooking diploma and must show, regarding his professional career, his implication of development of the French or international cuisine with a minimum of 5 Years of Experience.​


Employee in the hospitality industry out of the kitchen, like Maitre d’hotel or chef de rang, sommelier. Must show regarding is carrier professional is implication and interest in the Gastronomy with minimum of 5 years of Experience.


Person who have strong interest in the entire angle of gastronomy,  but don’t have any direct or indirect interest in the hospitality industry circle,


Person who produce and/or sale any kind of high quality food, beverge or wine with recoginsion nin the entire angle of gastronomy,


Promising junior chef who have demonstrated a strong interest in French or International cuisine, who are pursuing a career in the culinary industry and have less than 5 years of work experience in hospitality or fine dining establishments.