Nicolas Tauhiti Sanquer, Assistant Secretary

Born January 28, 1979 in PAPEETE son of Nicolas SANQUER Rolande SANQUER TAPUTUARAI.
At 16, he obtained a General Baccalaureate and then went to university to begin studying law. He then joined the Hotel school of Tahiti to prepare a hotel manager certificate in culinary productions.
In the 2000’s he left Tahiti to discover France, its history and its gastronomy.
There he met Gérard CABALLERO, one of the “meilleurs ouvriers de France” 2003 i, in 2003 and with him started preparing for the National Education teacher competition in the kitchen;
In 2004 he became master worker in collective catering in Mahina and he practiced this very specific and technical facet of the profession until 2010. This rich experience allowed him to perfect his knowledge to obtain the cooking teacher competition in 2010. This success will return to Metropolitan France for a year as a trainee teacher in Quimper at the Lycée Jean Chaptal.
Since 2012 he has been a cooking teacher at the vocational high school at the hotel school in Tahiti.
He is a man of passion and cooking is essential for him and his family gives him the talent to combine a passion for football and cooking. These two passions are close for him since one does not go without the other.
His credo:
“Whoever wants to succeed finds a way. Those who don't want to do anything find an excuse. »