Olivier HAAR, President


Olivier HAAR is from the Alsatian region in France. He started his career early in the President of the European Parliament’s private hosting rooms in Strasbourg as a Manager. He extended his portfolio by taking charge of the catering of the cocktail areas located in the north terraces of Meinau stadium, the Strasbourg's racing club stadium.

With Olivier’s great interest in culinary, he further gained his experiences from a cook staff as well as working as wait staff on a part time basis. Olivier works for several high-end Alsatian restaurants, catering companies and Michelin-starred restaurants. On the other hands, he virtually serves the workers in construction sites as well. Olivier’s greatest achievements in serving several Presidents, Kings, Prime ministers, Popes, during formal and prestigious ceremonial dining events where he was working in Alsace.

In 2001, he moved to New Caledonia where he decided to become a teacher in a cooking school in Saint Jean 23 Hotel School. With the past 18 years of experiences, Olivier will like to continue his journey to fulfil his further development in culinary industry.