PETER ZHOU, President of Greater China


Peter Zhou began his career with Grand Hyatt Melbourne as Commis Chef in 1993.  Since then, he had taken Executive Sous Chef and Executive Chef roles in Park Hyatt Melbourne, Grand Hyatt Shanghai, Hyatt Regency Hangzhou and Hyatt on the Bund.  After that, he had been appointed as Director of Food and Beverage at Grand Hyatt

Shanghai in October 2011. In September 2013, Peter Zhou was selected as General

Manager at Park Hyatt Ningbo Resort and Spa.Born in Suzhou, China and raised in Australia, Peter Zhou has an "east meets west" background and is an expert in delivering the best of both Chinese and Western cuisine. With his tireless spirit and enthusiasm, he was one of the few Chinese chef s to be in charge in a western-dominated kitchen. The highlights in his career were winning the China Business Award as one of China's "Top 3 Master Chefs" and Time Out Shanghai "2008 Best Chef of the Year". Peter Zhou was also awarded the International Culinary Art Master due to his outstanding performance in the catering industry.

周宏斌先生 - 宁波柏悦酒店总经理

自1993年正式加入墨尔本君悦酒店担任厨师起,周宏斌先生先后在凯悦酒店集团中的墨尔本柏悦酒店、上海金茂君悦大酒店、杭州凯悦酒店、上海外滩茂悦大酒店担任行政副总厨及行政总厨等厨房部要职。2011年10月周先生开始担任上海金茂君悦大酒店餐饮部总监。2013年9月,他正式就任宁波柏悦酒店总经理出生于苏州,后移民澳大利亚,周宏斌先生拥有"中西合璧"的教育和就职背景,使他成为中餐和西餐方面的专家。而他的成功秘诀"用心、勤快、认真、有激情,加上永不放弃"也使他成为中国少数得以掌管西厨的顶级西餐厨师之一。在他20多年的餐饮从业经验中,曾获得过中国商业奖以及中国顶级"前三位大师名厨之一"和Time Out上海"2008年度大厨"的称号。由于他在餐饮业的杰出表现,周先生还被授予为国际烹饪艺术大师