PHILIP JOHN GOLDING, Founding President


Chef Philip John Golding has worked in the Philippines for over twenty (20) years, positively influencing the lives and the businesses of not just expatriates but many Filipinos in terms of transfer of knowledge by business consultancy, teaching, training and development, and job placements. In

November 2013, he received “BOSSING” Special Awards as a “Foreignoy” for creating massive job opportunities to Filipinos abroad. This kind of special award is only given to the pillars of certain industries that have pioneered rapid growth boosting local talent.Prior to moving to his

second home, British-born Chef Philip had trained and worked in prestigious 3-star Michelin and 5-star hotels and restaurants in around Europe and Asia. His perseverance continued to shine through the Philippine culinary scene as one of the pioneer chefs to open the local minds in embracing international cuisine and culinary education and training system. He was one of the pioneer chef instructors in the Center of Culinary Arts, Manila during the late 1990s, and American Hospitality Academy in 2008.Chef Philip has been founding influential culinary organizations.