RAPHAELLE MULLER, Asia Coordinator


Native from Lyon (France), I grew up as an expatriate child around the world (Thailand, Mexico, Egypt, ExUSSR, Czech Republic), and I have been living in
Shanghai (China) for more than 19 years.
Not only I come from the City of Gastronomy (Lyon), but growing up abroad I had the chance to discover very young various types of food, smells & tastes. In Shanghai for more than 19 years I had the opportunity to meet talented Chefs and to learn more about food from all around the world & culinary art, and to experiment changes & trends in this industry. In Shanghai when The Asian branch of
the Association Disciples Escoffier International opened, I had the great opportunity to attend the first Epicurean dinner; these Epicurean dinners became years after years monthly dinners that I wouldn’t miss and that I was eager to share with friends around me. If I enjoyed these dinners, others would. I was even awarded twice as “Best Epicurean Member”. This passion led me to become recently the Asia coordinator for Disciples Escoffier International –Asia; a bigger chance for me to meet great talented Chefs who are willing to share & transmit their passion & knowledge.