RICK FU, Vice President

Mr. Rick Fu is the Executive Chef of Unilever (China) Food Solution since 2010.

Coach of national culinary team CHN of IKA

Vice president of Disciples Escoffier  International China Delegation

Chef committee of the world federation of Chinese catering industry

Judge of international competition, WACS

Rick Fu began his career with Holiday Inn Lido Beijing as Commis Chef in 1986. Since then, he had taken Sous Chef and Executive Chef roles in Kempinski hotel, Millennium hotel Beijing. In a period of few years, to obtain a position as a head chef that utilizes his skills to integrate comprehensive international and domestic experience with the highest standards of food quality and service excellence. In Jan 2005, he started the work in Unilever food solution. He was appointed Executive Chef China in Jan 2010 and responsible for the hotel and Chinese restaurant of chain channel business development and maintenance. Rick Fu was born in Beijing and graduated in BJ institute of economic management, he was a committeeman of the western food professional committee of China cuisine association; a member of the BJ cuisine association, and got more excellence prize in chef contest. He obtained a technician certificate of both cuisines.







自 1986 开始服务于北京丽都假日饭店,并先后任职于北京凯宾斯基饭店、北京维景国际酒店副厨师长、总厨等职位。在这几年期间,他具备一名总厨全面的国内、国际化管理经验,并能提供高标准食品及最好的服务。2015 年 1 月,他开始服务于联合利华饮食策划并在2010年1月被任命为联合利华饮食策划行政总厨,主要负责全国星级酒店以及中餐连锁客户业务的发展与维护。付先生出生于北京并毕业于北京经济管理干部学院,他是中国烹饪协会西餐专业委员会委员并多次在各项大赛中获奖,他拥有中西餐双料烹饪技师证书。2015 年,付先生被任命为此次 2016 年德国世界奥林匹克烹饪大赛中国奥林匹克队教练。