In 1976, his career began at "chez Matet", a 1Michelin starred restaurant, and he then moved on to "Chez Orsi". These 2 restaurants were among the most renowned at the time in this region. 1982 was the year when he opened his own restaurant “Le Relais d'Esclarmonde”, in the small town of Varilhes, in SouthWest of France. In 1983 he was awarded “3 Forks” in the Michelin Guide, “1 Toque” in the Gault & Millau Guide, and 15/20 in the Hubert Guide. That same year, he was elected "the Most Promising Chef of the Year 1983" by a jury of Professionals. In 1986, Robert moved to Paris and joined the team of "Groupe Flo" for the reopening of the prestigious “La Coupole”, renowned all over the world. 1988 he opened a hotel near Chartres with 1 brasserie, 1 fine dining restaurant, and 1 jazz bar. He was named "Master Chef of France" and participated also in the elaboration of a cuisine book. In 1995, Robert went back to Paris to open “Le Bouillon Racine”, a Belgium restaurant, where he worked

with Chef Philippe Renard, one of the most renowned Belgium chefs. In 1998, new opportunities arose for Robert and he moved to Shanghai to the “Peace Hotel”, one of the most famous hotels in the world, to set up the French Cuisine’s Department. This restaurant became the Best French Restaurant in town and among its numerous guests, Chef Robert was happy to serve Bill Clinton, George Bush, Lionel Jospin, Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, Jian Ze Ming, and so many others. in 1999, Robert was in charge of the “Global Fortune Forum” (1500 VIP Guests for 3 days). In 2001 he was setting up “La Maison” in Xintandi, the Shanghai’s largest fine dining French restaurant, and the 1st Cabaret of 2002, he participated in the launching of a prestigious caterer company in Shanghai, where he got numerous press articles and TV appearances. He was in charge of launching events for “Hermès”, “Veuve Cliquot”, “BMW”, “Audi”, “Alcatel”, “L’Oréal”, etc. In 2004, a new challenge was proposed to Chef Robert, to hold the Executive Chef’s position of the largest

Ballroom of China with 4400 sqm, with a capacity of 2000 seats, in the famous “International Convention Center” of Shanghai. After a trip in France in 2006, in Villeneuve Loubet, the birth city of Auguste Escoffier, he managed, with several chefs and friends, to register officially “Disciples Escoffier International” in China, which is the only Association legal in the country. Then he opened 7 other delegations in Asia, Hong Kong, Macau, the Philippines, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. He is ever since the Chairman Asia with many projects to amplify the reputation and the image of this entity, which is the most famous and most important Association of French Master Chefs in the world. 2007 was when he started in Hong Kong with the mythic “Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club” to handle their several outlets. 2009 witnessed big moves and big changes in his life, as Robert decided to join the most famous Asian lifestyle brand, “City’Super” in Hong Kong where he develops the restaurant & takeaway concepts, Catering services and food lines for them. He looked after 4 huge stores in Hong Kong, 3 in Shanghai, and also Tapei, over 40 outlets with more than 600 employees, always at the forefront of the innovation. In 2014 Chef Robert took over the Direction of Kitchen of the Pacific Club, here is the daily job and duties of Chef Robert, today !