Serge TONDINO, Vice President


Originally from Marseille France, Serge TONDINO participated in various actions such as the opening of the Hotel AFRICA for Air France in Tunis, or the seasons at the Royal Evian in Evian les Bains and the restaurant "Chez Nino", a well-known institution in Cassis.

Serge arrived in New Caledonia in 1988 where he worked at the Cercle NautiqueCalédonien restaurant. He bought the "Bistro 22" restaurant which was the only seafood restaurant in Noumea at the time, he managed the restaurant for 30 years.

During this period, he became “President of the New Caledonian restaurant association”, which enabled him many overseas trips to Japan, and gave him the idea to import the Sushi Bar train concept to New Caledonia in 1998. He opened the first sushi restaurant in New Caledonia, "Japan Sushi", of which he is still the proud owner today.