THIERRY MULLER, General Treasurer


He’s a French engineer who has more than 36 years working experience in foreign countries. Thailand, Mexico, Egypt, Germany, USSR, Czech Republic were his home places. From these countries T. Muller experienced different living and professional cultures. Thanks to his assignments with world leading companies such as Rhone Poulenc, FCB, Creusot-Loire, Mannesmann and Framatome, T. Muller has been amassing an impressive experience in cable and textile industries, coal ore concentration, gas pipeline compression stations, nuclear power and mechanical engineering. In 1995 he has been appointed as director of Framatome in Shanghai where he was leading a team of French and Chinese engineers in charge of supervising the manufacturing of nuclear components and equipments for the Chinese Nuclear Power Plants. In 2001, he decided to create his own consulting company –MQM Consulting Ltd. - focused to Quality Management, Sourcing, Market survey, Creation of Industrial Sites and Interim Management.  Beginning of 2003 he has been nominated as European Individual Expert in Energy and Engineering. In parallel to his professional activities he has been several years vicepresident of the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China.

With a great passion for the good food and a home town in Lyon region, he experienced the excellence of various cuisines. Always eager to share with friends and colleagues the very cosy atmosphere associated to culinary performances of top chefs. As a true “Epicurean”, he wants that the philosophy of Auguste Escoffier shall govern every monthly Epicurean dinner where ever it will be held.