TIMOTHY GODDARD, President of South China Sub Delegation

By way of Introduction my name is Timothy James Goddard, a seasoned luxury hotel and hospitality industry professional at your service. My forte is the culinary arts, specializing in Nouvelle French, boutique cuisine, 5 star events and catering, personalized menus and the luxe dining experience.

I clearly remember the sight and smell of everything from Coq au vin, chili con carne, Bolognese and various breads and pastas prepared in my parent’s kitchen at a very young age, However my interest and passion for food started to really take shape in 1994 (14 years of age). A
rather un-romantic way in fact, in the bowels of Canberra’s newest 5 star hotel, I wish standing in the stewards / prep kitchen section and a 30kg bucket of baby octopus delivered by a fat, sweaty and angry chef who enlightened me in his own special words that if I didn’t have it all cleaned and ready by 9am I can kindly leave.From that day forward I have never looked back, my passion for flavor, color and smells taking me to too many countries to mention and having the pleasure to work in 7 of them throughout Europe, The Americas and Asia. Michelin trained in Italy, however In Australia initial training was with Stephanie Alexander (Australia’s Julia Child) and later with Matthew Mc Connell (Australia best restaurant “Cutler & CO” and Best Chef 2010,2011), From personal Chef to Celebrities in California, my travels lead me to specialized training in Italy with Giorgio Locatelli (Italian Michelin Starred chef), then To Canada at the historic Banff Springs and the Empress hotel in Victoria (Fairmont Hotel group), I opened 2 Cooking Schools in Vietnam and assisted Michel Roux (Culinary legend 3 Michelin star Furama Resort *LHW and IHG, Intercontinental) to open “Le mansion”(Vietnams firsts Michelin star restaurant), I was then invited to collaborate with Nicholas Vianne (Michelin star Chef Executive Chef for Sofitel Asia Pacific) in China working with Sofitel overseeing two of their properties. Here in China I also worked with Whitehouse Executive Chef Walter Schieb (Bush and Clinton eras).I am a honored member of Disciples’ Escoffier a worldwide Chef association upholding the traditional values of French cooking while pushing it forward through transmission of knowledge. I am the President of the Southern china delegation here in China I am responsible for the Escoffier Young Talent Trophy and the Asia final in Hong Kong and the Grand Final in Paris. I sit as a Judge and coordinator on these boards. Catering for high profile, government and a celebrity clientele has been something I have been called upon for many times, whether its ASEAN or a United Nations conference, L’Oreal or Mercedes fashion week, Bentley or Aston Martin car launch, a simple private lunch amongst a countries president’s or a famous celebrity. I have hosted many world leaders, presidents, and prime misters from around the world for example; John Major, John Howard, Bill Clinton, Nguyen Tan Dung, Kevin Rudd and Many celebrities such as, Sultan of Brunei, Karl Largerfield, The Rolling Stones, Paris Hilton, Justin Timberlake, Olivia Newton John to name a few.I am currently Executive Chef for Imperial Springs, A boutique luxury hotel and private members club. Our product provides the world’s elite Politicians, businessmen and key figures a sanctuary to gather and communicate in a safe, secure, luxurious, eco-friendly environment.

All these experiences have provided me great inspiration and knowledge which generates the desire to perform delicious and vibrant creations, to learn and share something new each day not only with my guests but my team. Allowing fresh, creative techniques balanced by modern concepts in sync with traditional methods to thrive in my kitchens is my recipe for culinary success. The style of food and cooking could be best described as “Nouvelle French with Asian influences built on a strong Tuscan foundation” At the end of the day I cook because I love food, we are all connected by it all day every day, it brings us together, divides then re unites us again. The artistic value in the ever growing world of flavor, sustenance and indulgence is priceless and makes my role a pleasure to fill. I look forward to cooking and eating with you soon, don’t forget to smell the flowers