Valrhona researches and cultivates the rarest cocoas in the world First comes the cocoa bean. Raw, pure, rare, far away. The one the sourcing specialist, an explorer of the most remote areas, scours the world for and tracks down in a certain area, or terroir. The one the grower, a true pioneer of unique tastes, toils over and watches mature on the plantation. The one Valrhona selects for its color, flavor, and the special something that makes it unique in the world.
Valrhona is an expert in exceptional cocoa beans. The provenance of Valrhona Grands Chocolats includes more than 15 countries around the world, from Venezuela to Madagascar to the Dominican Republic, and so on.
The combined expertise of grower and international sourcer is what makes it possible for those at the chocolate factory in Tain l'Hermitage to learn about special cocoa beans, control the quality, and ensure the delivery of extraordinary flavor.



Valrhona ceaselessly enriches its range of exceptional chocolates Since 1922, Valrhona has been creating fine chocolates with rich and unique flavor profiles. The
combined experience and know-how of grower and sourcer has enabled the chocolate factory at Tain l'Hermitage to refine its knowledge of cocoa beans and  controlthe processes of bean fermentation and drying in order to uncover even the subtlest of aromas. With finesse and diligence, Valrhona creates its innovative tastes by combining fine authentic cocoa beans, which originate from 15 differentparts of the world, and teasing out the unique expressions of remarkableterroirs.
Valrhona monitors the flavors throughout the entire chocolate manufacturing process. To control and ensure the quality of its creations, Valrhona calls upon the professionalism of 7 juries, comprised of 200 tasters, who dedicate 225 days per year to the task. Tasting a Grand Chocolat is an art, of which Valrhona is a master.
All of the senses must be involved, working to observe, breathe, chew, and finally taste the uniqueness of each chocolate.




Strong commitment to foster creation and talent Valrhona has, since the beginning, dedicated itself to gastronomy and its continued enhancement. This strong commitment and devotion to chefs, as well as the value and recognition given to talent and professions in the industry, is what unites Valrhona, restaurateurs, pastry chefs, and confectioners.
Thus, in 1989,Frédéric Bau established the École du Grand Chocolat with the aim of sharing pastry expertise with talented industry professionals worldwide. The school now has four training centers in Tain, Tokyo, Paris,and New York, as wellas 25 devoted pastry chefs.
Together, these pastry chefs work tirelessly with raw ingredients and draw on exchanges between various gastronomic cultures in order to devise new techniques and recipes involving chocolate. Industry professionals and Valrhona customers are welcome to tap into the research of the École and benefit from ideas that
will enrich their work and creativity.


Valrhona expertise recognized by leading culinary professionals Valrhona created Haute Chocolaterie. The biggest names in gastronomy, chefs, pastry chefs, confectioners, and chocolatiers around the world choose Valrhona for their creations. Excellence is at the very core of Valrhona's purpose, just as the needsand requirements of industry professionals are the foundation for its craft. The expertise of Valrhona is world-renowned and the company has a network of 20,000 customers spread throughout 73 countries. Valrhona is an official partner of Bocuse d'Or and a co-founder of the World Pastry Cup. As the unequivocal key event in gastronomy worldwide, the World Pastry Cup is a privileged forum for professional and cultural dialogue and sharing, in addition to a place where young talents can shine and tomorrow's flavors emerge.



New interactive tools strengthen the link between Valrhona and professionals Valrhona puts technology at the service of gastronomy through its website, presence on social networks, and  Valrhona TV. These interactive tools make it possible for Valrhona to share expertise and provide professionals with a wealth of pertinent and continuously updated content. What's there? Know-how and recipes developed by the École du Grand Chocolat as well as information on vocational courses offered by the École. The website also showcases services and promotional offers exclusive to Cercle V members.Valrhona TV goes even further and
provides inside access to chefs who invite viewers into their own kitchens and labs to share special recipes, demonstrate specific techniques, and even let you in on secrets and tips.