Young Talent Trophy 2015

The Disciples Escoffier Young Talent Trophy (YTT) in its 8th edition this year is a competition that gathered from seven Asian regions young culinary talents under the age of 25 years with less than five years of kitchen experience. From the initial selection of these young talents in their own regions, the contest rippled out and mobilised so many more in the F&B industry that have played a part in training, sharing and helping these young chef-candidates to give their best in the Asian regional selection at the Restaurant and Bar Show 2015 taking place from 8th – 10th September.

And finally we found the winner !

Panuvit Khaokaew, representing Thailand, with his meticulous techniques and attention to the plating details, was named the winner of the YTT this year. Following closely in score was Soo-Chang Lee representing South Korea as the first runner-up and Choice Ip, candidate of Hong Kong, as the second runner-up. Panuvit will later have the opportunity to enter the World Final contest which is held in France in March 2016.  Congratulations once again to him!

The Theatre had the pleasure of welcoming the world-renowned Michelin starred chefs, namely Chef Bruno Menard, owner of BrunoMenard and Chef Fabrice Vulin, Chef de Cuisine of Caprice, Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong who took up one of the judging positions at the contest. Chef Emmanuel Soulière led the YTT team encompassing the contestants, the seven Disciples Escoffier Asian delegations, the commis and the kitchen team towards achieving the applaudable completion of the three-day event with successes, acclaimed in the public appearance in various media in Asia including TV5 Monde. Next year he will lead the YTT team again with another exciting journey to be made.

Vicky Lau, Honorary President of the YTT 2015: Find Your Own Style and Be Yourself

Vicky's words for the YTT candidates

                “Being organised is one of the decisive factors as to how well you’re going to perform. Since you need to prepare many dishes within a limited period of time, you have to plan well with good time management. Break down each task and bear in mind what needs to be finished within each 10 or 15 minutes. Even if you find yourself running out of time, don’t over-stress yourself. Work with what you have. Enjoy the process of the competition. All that matters is not winning, but learning.”

                Chef Vicky earnestly heeds the immanent call for all-roundedness that demands devotion not only in the culinary realm, but in the social interactions with the world. When a young chef can cook with diversified perspectives towards what is happening around and away from him as a person and be willing to be impacted upon by these events, that is when he is ready to embark on the journey to discover himself in the dishes.


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