Young Talents Escoffier

One of the most important and prestigious international competitions for young cooks and young waiters under 25 years of age.

Once a year since 2003, the Disciples Escoffier International Association organizes the "Young Talents Escoffier" competition with a kitchen category and a service category open to young people under the age of 25. An opportunity made of meetings but especially of transmission to the young generation, it has now made its own place in the meetings of international gastronomy.

After regional, national and zone selections, 8 teams from all over the world, each made up of a chef and a waiter under 25, compete in the international final. Since 2008, the international final takes place one year in France, one year abroad, always in a city with a strong gastronomic heritage.

The objectives of our competition are numerous:

  • Make future professionals curious to discover Auguste Escoffier,
  • Maintain the heritage bequeathed by Auguste Escoffier,
  • Prepare young people for their future professional careers,
  • Transmit the love for the job,
  • Discuss and prepare for the competition with the assistance of a professional coach,
  • Meet seasoned professionals during the various selections of the competition (MOF, Michelin Star Chefs, Disciples Escoffier, Journalists and gastronomes),
  • Share this experience with candidates from all over the world
  • Learn the requirements of competitions and allow them to participate in other challenges
  • Allow candidates to continue to improve their profession of cook or waiter with the help of the Escoffier network.

The finalists of the selections become the Young Hopes of Disciples. They will be sponsored by their delegation during the first 5 years of their professional courses, in order, as far as possible, to advise, support and guide them in their professional environment.

The first Young Talents Escoffier Asian Trophy was held in 2008. Since then, we see more and more young Asian talents emerging in culinary world. In 2016 and 2018, The candidates from Thailand and Singapore won the 2016 and 2018 international finals respectively.