The purpose of the Epicurean club is to promote the culinary arts in the Hong Kong community. Members will enhance their culinary knowledge through Diner organize in different site. The group will also gather to participate in food tasting and Gastronomic event conduce by Disciples Escoffier Hong-Kong.

Article I: Communication
The Epicurean Club Website will function to disperse:
1.      Culinary news and events,
2.      Club information.
3.      Registration & rules
4.      Benefits of Members

Article II: Booking for Dinners
1.      Reservation are open 15 days in prior of Epicurean dinner to Member
2.      Member can invite 3 persons on non-Member price with 10% discount
3.      Booking will be valid only after full pavement
4.      After 15 days period Booking will be open to public

Article III: Dress Code and Courtesy
1.      members and no Members shall wear Business Attire
2.      Amendments shall be presented by any member of the organization.
3.      Mobile Phone shall be switch off on premise of the event
4.      Participant shall be on time, dinner will start on precise time according to event flyer

Article VI: Menu and Wine
1.      Menu of the event decided will not be able to be change due to some dietary or allergy purpose
2.      Personal Birthday or celebration is not allowed
3.      Participant of the dinner will be able to buy at Epicurean Club the wine served on that night; this transaction shall be managed with the wine partner company directly.